Metal Detecting In Missouri

We often get asked a lot of questions about our passion, but one sticks with me more than any. It's the question…Why Do You Do It? Well, for us, it's not that simple to say without talking for hours. We started this hobby in the direction of wanting to get others involved. We wanted to share the history and really open people's minds to what could actually be beneath the surface. We have done a pretty good job over the course of a few short years but wanted more. We research nonstop to find special areas of interest and locations of the past.

We seek the owner's permission and love to get them involved in this vast array of the unknown. We often find things that we never knew were a part of the daily lives of the pioneers before us. It's truly like a trip back in time, each trip out, so I'll answer the question. We do it for the shear excitement of being reminded of those that have walked before us and how far we have come to this exact point in time

~~ Jackwick Metal Detecting in Missouri

Digger Bio


Jackalyn and Chadwick are the founders of JACKWICK METAL DETECTING. We shared the same vision of saving history for the next generation. We enjoy getting others to participate in our passion. The relationships we make and the history we discover is a great way to educate the future. We have had many finds over the years. Jackalyn's oldest coin is a 1798 drape bust penny, and Chadwick's is an 1820 matron large cent.

Todd Whitaker
Married for 39 years to his best friend Tammy, Todd has been blessed with 4 wonderful children. Todd has been detecting for over 20 years. Over the last few years, Todd has been finding some priceless items of the past. His latest discoveries of an 1833 bust cap dime and an 1856 Seated Half Dollar, to mention a few. Todd uses a Ctx 3030 and still is looking for his first gold coin and CSA belt plate.

Jackwick Metal Detecting