​​​​​One  day my wife was telling me about a friend she works with brother. When  he was younger his friend had lost a ring while skipping stones . This  ring had a lot of meaning to this young man because of it being his late  fathers. That week we met up with Kathy’s brother named harry ,he gave  us all the details about when and where and the time frame of this lost  ring. We came to a place for me it looked like a dried up pond but for  harry it was just a day from his childhood. Team Jackwick took  the  field, we split up and divided this small area and started swinging our  ctx 3030s . The area quickly began getting harder and harder for what I  thought was dried up was only a illusion.  Every hole we dug began  filling up with water making the reality of finding this ring  very  bleak . Two hours quickly past and we decided to wait for better  condition to continue this search . We went to Harry’s house to see some  amazing stone work he had accomplished over the summer . While touring  his work he  mention to us about his love of making rings out of old  coins . He then told us about the first one he made out of a Morgan  silver dollar , which had my attention because THAT is on the top of my  list of things I want to find. He took us back to his days of being in  his twenties and playing football at a local ball field . He said “ that  day I lost that ring I had made out of that Morgan somewhere on that  field while I was throwing  the football around.” He said I’m thinking  it was around left to center-field that I must of lost it.  Well it just  so happens that Jackalyn and I have hunting that area before. I told  Harry that we have hunted it before only to find clad and some silver  dimes . We said our goodbyes to harry and decided to go and search that  field before it got dark . We jumped out of the truck with authority,  armed with this 40  year old information it felt like we was going into  battled . Jackalyn and I are very competitive on things like this, it  wasn’t long and she had found a silver rosy along with another  then  another . I was getting to the point of just saying she got me again . I  walked away from center-field heading to right field and that’s when it  happened. It’s like I had went back in time , it’s like I was there  that day standing by  harry when  he threw that pass to hit his receiver  for that first down. I heard this tone on my detector that I will never  forget . I’m thinking to myself could I have just found this man’s ring  . The ring that’s been on his mind all this time, the ring that’s been  in the ground at this very spot for over 40 years.  I started to dig my  way down to this signal after about 6 inches I checked it again . The  signal was still there but a little stronger this time so I knew it was a  little deeper.  I scooped the next shovel out to see something at the  bottom left side of my hole . I gently rub some dirt off the top of this  object then without a doubt I just stared at it . I stood up and turned  to Jackalyn  she was digging a hole of her own, so I started to just  walk around and then I just fell to the ground and looked up into the  sky. After a while I stood back up to yell at Jackalyn she saw me  pointing to my finger . She thought I had found just an ordinary ring  but then I told her . HOLY SMOKE I found his ring ,I took pictures  of  it while still in the hole then pulled it out . AFTER 40 some years this  ring that has alluded everyone else that detected here, every lawn  mower, every little league, is coming out of the ground . I cleaned it  off and seen the date on the inside and then it hit me . I had also  found a Morgan dollar that I have always wanted to find . It seemed like  time stood still that afternoon, but the more I think about it the more  it sends chills down my spine .I know that some people my read this and  think ya so what you found a ring . Well they didn’t see Harry’s face  when Jackalyn put it back in his hand that night. It was more than just  finding a ring, it was all the circumstances that found us .